Non-invasive, drug-free and with no side effects, Sound Therapy involves the use of voice and instruments to achieve balance and wellness in body and mind. It can bring about deep relaxation, reduced stress and a more positive attitude to life in general. It is also said to lower heart rate and blood pressure. Sound Therapy is effective in the treatment of dis-ease. As a part of a regular wellness programme, it works as a great preventative and a booster of mood.

Sound Therapy is a very ancient healing system. Right now, its effectiveness is being proven as modern physicists discover that the whole of the physical world is made up of vibrating energy. This includes us.

When well, our bodies vibrate at their true levels and are like an orchestra playing in tune. When a part of us, whether physical, mental or emotional, becomes out of tune with the rest, this is what we term illness or disease. If, in an orchestra, one musician started to play out of tune, the best solution for the whole orchestra, rather than drug or sack the musician, is to teach that musician to play the right notes. This is what Sound Therapy does to our system. We use a positive vibration to coax negative vibrations back into playing the right tune. Sound travels far more effectively through water than it does through air. Our bodies are 70-80% water and so are a truly effective conductor of positive, healing sound.

Sound Therapy can be experienced on a one-to-one basis or within a group setting. It can be purely passive, where the client experiences the sounds delivered by the therapist. It is most effective when clients are enabled to aid their own healing and wellness process through the use of their own voice.



The chakra system is the basis of modern Sound Therapy. The chakras are the means by which we exchange energy with the outside world. They run in a line from the base of our spine to the crown of our head. There are seven main, widely known chakras. For Sounding Rainbows I use the ten that are recognised by the British Academy of Sound Therapy.

Each chakra is linked with different organs in the body, different glands and different physiological functions. They are also linked with our thoughts, emotions and behaviour patterns.

Each chakra has its own unique vibrational frequency. When any aspect that it governs is unwell, unable to function or out of balance, that frequency is affected adversely. The one-to-one Sound Therapy sessions begin with my scanning your body with a clear sounding bell. This will let me know which chakra area is out of balance. Together, we will discuss the relevance this has to your particular needs. I will then direct therapeutic sound towards the chakras that need it most, and so gently bring them back into harmony.



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