Welcome to Sounding Rainbows, where you can discover the way to peace, wholeness and well-being through the power of sound.

Sound is the vibration that we hear and the wave that vibrates within us without our being aware.  Sound is the vibration that we make, both spontaneously and with intention.  The word ‘sound’ can mean ‘whole’ or ‘well’.  One definition of healing is ‘to make sound’.  Sound affects us deeply.

Our bodies vibrate with a unique harmony of frequencies that play together like a well-tuned orchestra.  Negative factors, such as stress or illness, alter the frequencies, putting the orchestra out of tune.  Sound, directed with pure intent, brings the frequencies back into balance and restores perfect harmony on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  It can bring brightness, joy and relief after dullness and storm.

Sound is a rainbow of vibration.  If it were possible to play a piano forty octaves above its normal sounds, it would be playing colour.

You can experience the benefit of sound and Sound Therapy through one-to-one treatments and through group sessions.  Please take a look around the site to find a sound experience that suits your needs.

I look forward to meeting you.


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