Suitable for mothers and fathers in the last four months of pregnancy.

Babies can hear from about the 20th week of pregnancy. Before birth, hearing is the most developed ability. The baby in the womb can hear the rhythm and pitch of human voices, and the mother’s is the one most heard. If she (and the father) sing to the baby in the womb the baby will naturally recognise those voices when it is born. This enhances the bonding process.

The relaxation that gentle singing produces is beneficial for the mother and also for the baby, who, even at this stage, is affected by the mother’s stress levels.

Singing and creating songs that only your baby can hear, will encourage the mother’s own creativity and enjoyment of music which will naturally be passed on to the baby once it is born.

After birth, a baby will recognise and respond to the music and songs that it heard from the womb and these sounds always have a calming effect.

Some of the things the sessions include:  Tuning in to your baby; breathing for relaxation and singing; gentle movement; singing long, single songs; lullabies and gentle children’s songs; devising unique songs for you and your baby.

This programme has been evolved using my wide experience in running music, song and movement classes for mothers and Early Years children.





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